Our Stocklots are one off lots of various different products that we have sourced or we are clearing. Prices will always be appealing, and better when buying larger quantities, but 

smaller quantities are available.


Postings will be updated regularly. But when it's gone, it's gone and may not be repeated.

Limited Edition Leather

Post Updated: 10 February 2017

Full grain leather in assorted colours and finishes. The photograph featured here represents the current stocklot we have on hand at the moment. 


Every month this collection of upholstery hides will be updated as new selections of single skins become available to us.


Prices range from R395 per/ sqm ex. vat.


For more information speak to Michael in the Leather Shop.


Post Updated: 10 February 2017

This range consists of plain, reversible and clip on buckles over various finishes and sizes.

Styles vary from everyday unisex classics to bold, fashion statements.

Note that we sell genuine leather belt blanks and provide a belt making service in store.

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