Sir WoodheadWoodhead’s has a proud rich heritage dating  back to 1867 when the company was founded by Sir John Woodhead.  Not only did John Woodhead run a successful tannery, boot and shoe factory at the turn of the century, but he was also a prominent Cape Town citizen, who served as a mayor for three terms and was knighted for his extensive contributions to the city of Cape Town and its social issues.  Amongst other projects, he was responsible for the Woodhead’s dam on the top of Table Mountain, the widening of Sir Lowry Road and the modernisation of the sewerage and water system that we rely on today.  In recognition of these efforts he was knighted Sir John Woodhead.

Woodheads Leather Shop, Cape Town Today, the company continues its tradition of social responsibility that include various outreach programmes, training and donations that allow the disadvantaged in our society the opportunity to invest in themselves and become self-sufficient contributors to society.

We currently have a BBBEE certificate rating of 5, subscribe to the Employment Equity Act and are proud to be a founding member of the Cape Town Chamber of Commerce.  Woodhead’s is also a loyal supporter of the Cape Town Partnership Creative Initiatives.