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Woodheads is a comprehensive supplier and trader of leather, materials, leatherwork tools, kits & patterns and services to the leather and design industries. The company sells its products nationally and internationally through its Cape Town and Kwazulu Natal branches.




At the base of Table Mountain, the East City off the Cape Town CBD has become an exciting place to work, eat, create and do business. It's a wonderful and fast growing community as it is diverse.




SirJohn Woodhead established Woodheads in 1867 supplying raw materials & products to the leather industry. During his career he also served twice as mayor & made major contributions to the City of Cape Town while in office.

The Woodheads dam on top of Table Mountain is one of his successes. He was knighted for his efforts.




Woodheads makes leather products and our famous Karu sheepskin slippers. 

It offers design and bespoke manufacturing as a service to small and medium size design houses and businesses. Makeshop, our factory, continues to invest in the latest technology including CAM, Laser cutting & engraving, 3D and Large format digital printing.

Woodheads subscribes to the Employment Equity Act and is proud to be a founding member of the Cape Town Chamber of Commerce.


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WOODHEADS  -  Cape Town's Original Leather Merchant Since 1867

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